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    Humbuckers were first developed in the 50's,they were with covers mostly due to the humming problem as much of the electrical equipment was poorly grounded at that time.
    Later, players started removing the covers to regain the high frequencies that covers tend to mask, giving the open coil look that we are familiar with today.


 Humbucker pickup


    A classic humbucker design: magnet, bobbin, shim, lead... although many designs appear in the later years, the classic zebra PAF design is still most popular. Original PAF features braided lead, later humbuckers began to have 4-lead conductor wire for coil-splitting installation.


Humbucker Structure


    As for the material we use High-Gloss ABS to mould the bobbins, it's an engineering material, differs from those used in daily products.


Humbucker Bobbin


    Coil - a wound bobbin, the generator of the humbucker power. Winding a pickup is an art, only by years of practice, can this expertise be mastered.


Humbucker Coil


    Screws are adjustable while slugs are fixed, both of them educe the magnetic field to the top where the strings vibrate. They are made from ferric material which is superior in conduction, usually come in nickel-plated looks.


Humbucker Screw Slug


    High-end humbuckers mostly use Alnico magnets, while cost cutter pickups using ceramic substitute, these two magnet styles are distinctly different in tone. There are also different types of Alnico magnets for selection.


Humbucker Magnet


    Maple shim is superior is tonal responding than plastic substitute, at the same time, EDM precision cut ferric spacer endows the humbucker with great sensitivity.


Humbucker Spacer Shim


    Nickle-silver is the preferable material in pickups' building, it can produce the clear, through sound while brass dampens the tone.


Humbucker Base Plate


    Mainly three types of hookup wires are used in humbuckers' making:
      1. USA vintage braided cloth wire
      2. 4-conductor wire with aluminum shield
      3. Average 2-conductor wire


Humbucker Hookup Wire


    High-polished nickel-silver cover with nickle plated. The shining cover suggesting the clear, through tone undoubtedly.


Humbucker Cover


    With the cover mounted, still the making is not completed, we will wax-pot the humbucker a second run to make sure it is solid.
    Finally, the beauty of the humbucker reveals in the shining cover.


Hunmbucker Cover On


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